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Welcome to WatiN Sahi .NET!

WatiN Sahi basically provides WatiN users a simple way to record and run their test cases. Users can record their test cases on Sahi Open Source version or Sahi Pro and then copy the recorded steps to test case and run them.
It is just a wrapper!

This project is still incomplete and open for contribution.

Note: Due to time constraint, I was not able to publish a complete project.
Suggestions will be appreciated on enhancing this wrapper.
Solution is not complete and only basic things are implemented.

  • Windows Xp, 7 or 8 OS
  • IE 8 / 9 /10 or FF 17 /Latest - Chrome Not Yet Supported
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Studio Express Edition supporting .NET 3.5
  • Of course .NET 3.5 SP1 and more.

Steps to follow for using WatiNSahi.NET:
  1. Download the complete source for WatiN 2.1 , WatiNSahi and WatiNSahiTester
  2. To work with Firefox install the extension mozrepl-jsshv2.6.xpi present in WatiNSahi/lib directory.
  3. Compile your project solution in Visual Studio Express For Desktop 2013 RC.
  4. Keep WatiNSahiTester as the startup project to launch the tests.
  5. Record your interaction using Sahi Pro or Sahi OS and copy them in Tester to run them.

My sincere thanks to :
1. Narayan Raman - Author of Sahi from Tyto Software, Bangalore/Bengluru, India.
2. Jeroen van Menen - Author of WatiN and his team.
3. Fabian Baptista - MozRepl-Jssh - See link

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